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The day I live for every year


Happy Snowday! 

I  love it. I hardly slept last night as the met office ruined part of the fun by accurately forecasting that London was going to be visited by huge gollops of snow overnight. I prefer it when you wake up, expecting a normal grey day, and you're surprised by the world changing colour. 

I came to work on the bus today. I normally cycle but I might have fallen off and that would have ruined Snowday. Everyone was so cheerful! It must be like New Year's for the phone companies. Everyone's phone was going and the conversation was always the same. "Yes, it's here too...Yes, it's really deep...Oh, I know. Do you think it will last?" Some conversations went a stage further: "So I saw Paul at the bus stop and he was going to throw this really big bit of snow at me but I said Paul, oy, don't throw that big bit of snow at me, it might have dog poo in it, pack it in, and he didn't thank god, but I said I'd get him back later" etc. 

Above is the first of many many photos which will be taken today. I had to get the serious pack shot in quick, just in case the snow melted. That is a lovely selection of our current titles. More photos later: we will bring our Snowday photodiary to you as it happens! 

Enjoy the lovely snow x

(ps Extra fluffy snow brought to you by the Dooce effect).  


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