The cat • 9 June 2008 • The SnowBlog

The cat

Just rested her chin on my keyboard, pressing one of the F keys which deleted a long post about this and that. I am not going to write it out again, so in brief: - I have had lots of power cuts today. It's like the 70s. What pleases me is that I have those power supply things that you plug things into and it keeps the power going for a few minutes. They've worked like a charm. The server, firewall and my PC are all running fine. Hooray. - Here is a photo of the garden of our house in London which has just been done. It's a sort of badly done montage I've knocked together in Photoshop from lots of photos. There's no 'before' photo - just imagine dense undergrowth starting a foot from the camera position, extending for 100ft. Will quickly post this before Amber finds any other new exciting ways to help. I explain to her that it's simply not professional, but she just looks at me. My parenting skills are going to need to improve, fast, if my cat management skills are anything to go by.


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