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Thank you!

Hello, old pals! Thanks very much for the very kind comments about Rowan's arrival. Ah, what a wonderful few days! Rowan at 2 hours old. Note the hooky finger: 2hrs, finger.jpg Poppet pie: face.jpg Plotting world domination: plotting.jpg I am going to write up my birth story - if you want to read it, email me but I don't think it's necessarily right for a publishing blog! Suffice to say it was the most rewarding, astounding, painful, ecstatic day of my life. I laboured at home, in bed and in a birth pool, for just under 12 hours, with 5 hours of pushing [wince emoticon] and Rowan was born in the pool. Since Tuesday he has been an utter joy - figuring out exactly how to feed and sleeping like, you know, a baby, since the start. Right now he's tucked up in a sling so I have two arms free to type. His eyes are blue and capitivating; he has blond highlights; big meaty fighters' fists (like his mother, heh); utterly gorgeous toes; oh, you know, everything. He's my perfect baby. A public thank you to my amazing husband, whilst I'm on, who has fed me, looked after me, cleaned the house, cooked, calmed and gazed at Ro so he knows he's the most loved baby in all the world, and made everything effortless. What a wonderful man. Also to my family for being so smashing. For worky things, I'm planning on not doing much over the next week, but will be back in action from the 20th, working from home (well, alternate gazing at precious bundle / working / gazing). Don't hesitate to email me as normal with work things - I may take longer to get back to you than normal but I'd rather you emailed than not. And thanks again for the lovely comments!


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