"Talented Novelist" Matthew De Abaitua in the Indie • 5 January 2008 • The SnowBlog

"Talented Novelist" Matthew De Abaitua in the Indie

In Will Self's column, no less, where in a piece on Psychogeography he writes: "Lewes, Sussex, where this column began all those horned moons ago. As I walk from the station under another horned moon I spy, standing outside a cosy looking pub, the cuddly dolmen of Matthew De Abaitua. Thirteen years ago, Matthew who is now a talented novelist in his own right spent a six-month sojourn as my live-in amanuensis and secretary. It was a thankless task: so far as I can remember I was completely spark-a-loco. We were living in a tiny cottage in Suffolk, and I was given to harvesting opium from the poppies that grew wild in the field margins, then driving my Citro* deux-chevaux across the same fields, solely by the light of a horned moon, Matthew placidly crammed into the passenger seat." And it goes on but I'd better not copy any more for fear of violating fair use. So go and take a gander now.


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