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Submissions Update

Hello, it's Seldom Heard From Anna here. I wanted to make a public announcement that all submissions from before August 2009 have been replied to. If you submitted a manuscript to us before August and haven't had a reply, either it never made it to my inbox, or the rejection letter (sorry) didn't get to you. If this is the case A) double check your junk mail folder, in case my reply got directed there and B) please don't send a questioning e-mail (I delete all manuscripts that are rejected, so I'll have no record); just resubmit. I do want to congratulate you all on some great writing -- it might be just in my head, but it seems like the quality of the submissions on the whole just gets better and better every year. So do believe me when I say that a rejection from Snowbooks shouldn't stop anybody from pushing on, trying to find a different home for his or her work. There's a place for every written word; traditional publishing might not be the answer for everybody, and Snowbooks certainly isn't right for most books, but keep looking for your perfect audience. My apologies to anybody who received multiple replies (due to sending multiple submissions). Although I take my time in considering each manuscript, I send out the replies very quickly once the reading is done, so I occasionally fail to notice I've already replied to an author in a previous e-mail. And while I'm apologizing, I should say that I know everybody is hungry for feedback on their work, but I genuinely do not have the time. More often than not, however, rejections are a case of a particular genre not being of interest to us at the moment or a failure to 'click' -- so my feedback wouldn't be particularly useful, anyway. Thanks for your understanding!


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