Square • 12 December 2007 • The SnowBlog


This morning I have made a square. It only takes up four of your Earth kilobytes. And yet it's not without its interest.

Here's another one: skyshift.gif That one's all of 20K. It's a little rickety because I've used too many colours. But what if you used an image like this as a background and it took ten minutes to get dark and then stayed that way? That would be purty*, no? The sun would set on any pages you left for too long. You'd have to reload them to get the light back. (I'm sure I didn't invent this; I just haven't seen it elsewhere before.) (If you happen to be using a browser** that let's you right-click on a picture and choose 'View image', try it on these.) * or maybe cheesy **like Firefox


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