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Speaking of Thomas Emson

You may have read in The Bookseller recently that Snowbooks has signed up the next eight novels from Thomas Emson. Doesn't sound like cautious old Snowbooks, you are thinking - and you'd be right. But you just read the blurby enticers for these and see if you aren't hopping up and down in your seat desperate to read them. Prey (Maneater II) A mysterious animal tears Russian gangster Vasili Kolodenko apart. Moscow cop Lev Dasaev follows the trail to the U.S. He finds himself caught in a family feud of unsurpassed fury, a feud that unleashes monsters on the streets of New York. Monsters that will finally destroy a strange, young woman last seen disappearing into the Londons underground maze . . . Krimson (Follow-up to Skarlet, second part of the Vampire Babylon trilogy) Many of the same characters back for more as the vampire plague continues to spread. Zombie Britannica Cassies day as a guide at Westminster Abbey begins badly when zombies storm into the building and eat the tourists. Carrie escapes but finds London choked with the undead. She has no idea where they came from, no idea how to stop them all she knows is she has to race through dangerous, gore-soaked streets and find her daughter. And her day doesnt get any better . . . Kardinal (Last part of the Vampire Babylon trilogy) Jake Lawton returns to Babylon modern-day Iraq to face the resurrected vampire god who spawned the trinity. Pariah 19th Century London . . . a savage killer flees from a mob and plunges into the Thames, where he drowns. His soul departs his body, but even Hell rejects him he is a Pariah, bound forever by curses in the place he died . . . Unless someone sheds blood in his name . . . 21st Century London . . . an innocent boy flees from a mob, and escapes into the undiscovered underground tunnels beneath his tower-block home. Down in the darkness, a voice calls to him. The voice is mesmerizing, hypnotic, and urges the boy to spill blood in his name . . . And a fabled killer is unleashed again. But this time hes stronger and far more terrifying than when he coated the East End in blood in the 1880s, and gained the name Jack the Ripper . . . Colossus Milmoor is Europes largest shopping centre. Its a 2million square feet temple to consumerism. Built partly with money from a secretive hedge fund called Legion, it will attract nearly 30million shoppers every year. Journalist Mick Fields not got a story. But his colleague Brian Hills got one. And when Brian disappears, Mickeys more than happy to nick the details. But when they lead him to Legion, he starts to regret his decision. And discovering the truth about Milmoor, and the vile things that prowl its walkways after dark, Mick starts to wish he were dead it seems a better option. Pandemonium Road (a novella, which might work as an e-book to give away) Jimmy is a 17-year-old car thief. Given one last chance by a magistrate, he intends to go straight. But a black Mercedes is to tempting. So Jimmy and his mate Ralph steal it. But the owner wants it back. Because stored in the boot are thirteen leather briefcases. Stowed in the cases are thirteen human souls bound for Hell. And their rightful owner wants them back. The Devils coming for Jimmy, so Jimmy drives like hell . . . The Haunt Ned Harrow is an investigative journalist. Hes recovering after being tortured by a drugs gang he infiltrated. The thugs sent him video of his torment, and theyve uploaded it on to the internet but Ned cant bring himself to look at it, confront his terrors, and live up to his hard man image. His career and his life are in tatters. Until Mercy Shawn comes into his life. Knowing Neds reputation for investigating dangerous and complex stories, she asks him to look into the death of her father, a psychic called Jonathan Ark. She wants him to find lost footage that will show what happened to her father and a television crew in the ruins of a worshipping house called Penuel. But when he discovers the film, Ned realizes that his own suffering is nothing compared to what may be seared onto that celluloid. And the image it might contain is lethal not only to Ned, but to the whole world. I mean, aren't they just seriously FABULOUS? Ican'twaitIcan'twaitIcan'tWAIT. Write faster, Thomas!


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