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The Hunger Games • 28 February 2012 • The SnowBlog

The Hunger Games

I read The Hunger Games recently. I read the trilogy on my iPad using the Kindle app. There are a lot of Kindle books in the world and a lot of iPads. And The Hunger Games occupies four of the top ten positions in the Kindle Store. In other words, the collected edition of the trilogy is about as high-profile an e-book as it's possible to get. I mention this because different chapters were set in different sized fonts. One would be comically big, and I'd reduce the size. But in a few chapters' time the words would become tiny and I'd have to increase their size again. I'd guess there were four size changes in all, but it might have been more. It probably shouldn't annoy me, but it does. I've never encountered a cheap paperback in which the typesetting was as problematic as some of the multi-million bestselling e-books I've read. I understand that the technology isn't there yet to do the fancy stuff, but when you're sure you're going to sell more than a million copies of something, isn't it worth paying another hundred pounds and getting someone to check it? And unlike a huge paper print run, if you find out you've botched the typesetting, well we all make mistakes: just upload a corrected version. Assuming it matters to you.


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