Sorry bat lovers • 4 August 2007 • The SnowBlog

Sorry bat lovers

I'm still trying to work out how to get a picture of Mr Bat. Obviously I'll need to use a flash because he only comes out at night, but before the flash goes off, how will I tell if there's a bat in frame? And what if after the flash goes off the bat crashes its fuzzy little head into my barn? Problems. Meanwhile Kris asked for pictures of baby ponies. And frankly, Kris deserves photos a lot more than you mooching vespertiliphiles. When have you ever picked me up from the airport or offered to make me a stack of pancakes? Exactly. So while I try to work out the logistics of bat snaps, here are baby mini-ponies. Click on the pictures to get a bigger version. The one below is of baby mini-ponies lining up to be patted by Em. ponyqthumb.jpg

Re: David's question. Why should I worry about dazzling creatures who navigate by squeak. I had it in mind they still like to see. Here's what the Internet had to say: "Insect-eating bats have small eyes, as they use the special sense of echolocation for finding their food. However, they still use their eyesight for avoiding large objects, gauging their height above the ground and finding their way across a landscape by navigating between prominent landmarks. Although not as well developed as a fruit bat's eyesight, their vision is particularly sensitive to low light conditions. Even on the darkest night there is some light around and all bats use this." Better not fry its retinas then.


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