Snowshopping • 26 November 2006 • The SnowBlog


          Will you look at the lovely pictures the excellent folks from Mr B's Emporium have just sent through?

That's right, they have most kindly made us Indie Publisher of the month in their most perfect of bookshops. Look at our little display! Our very own corner of their window! I wish I had a little shop with a window like that. 


The note says: 

We're not the only ones who are fans of this young independent publisher. Earlier this year (only their third) they were named Small Publisher of the Year at the 2006 British Book Trade Awards. Their eclectic mix of titles, the design quality of all of their books which make many of them perfect gifts (and of course their rather festive name!) made Snowbooks the perfect choice for our run-up-to-Christmas independent publisher of the month. 

Aren't they lovely? Please support them over Christmas and forever by buying your presents from their online shop.  


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