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Snowcase #28

Sharon Richardson sends in a tale of how four friends meet and the life they lead, stepping out into the big bad world, thinking they're on their own. Girls on Tour is her first novel based on her life with her friends and everything good and bad in between. Girls on Tour Prologue - I will survive.. January 1st 2005 All is quiet on New Year's Day, with the exception of the 'boom boom boom' in my head following last night's celebrations. I could have sworn the party finished hours ago, albeit only a few, but my deluded throbbing head seems to want to remain with the hardcore elite of party people. Now if only the rest of my body could believe that I'd solve life's mystery of how to be eighteen again. I also need the room to stop spinning around; I'd like to bet Kylie's never been inspired to sing that song under these same circumstances either. The only solace I took from the excruciating pain I felt as I lifted my head three inches from the pillow like an Olympic weightlifter that's going for the new world record was that it was a great night, another successful chapter in the history of 'girls on tour'. The fab four; Sabrina, Chloe, Grace and me, Meg had made a unanimous decision to see this particular year out with a big bang, huge, to honour our first full year being single again. In addition to the usual plan, drink, be merry, drink some more, we agreed to make this a special night, our night. The preparation for the big night out of course took longer than the night out itself which for this being my first year as a novice to the group was educational to say the least. According to Sabrina, 'its great fun and all part of the build up to the big night. Meg you're gonna love it but if you're gonna do it you have to do it properly'. Filled with the enthusiasm of a little child about to ride their first bike I bought into all the hype that started with a full day's shopping to make the purchase of 'the outfit'. Which by the way you then need to get new heels on the shoes you've worn that day because you've walked a marathon but at least it includes lunch. Next, the shoes to go with 'the outfit' which if you're lucky or wise as I've since learnt you encourage others to buy at the same time as the outfit, preferably in the same shop. If you're not so lucky, or the shoes you need to match the outfit haven't been made yet, a fate best saved for Grace on more than one occasion then this becomes another day's shopping and about as much fun as having your teeth pulled. By the second day you need a good foot massage only there's no time for such luxuries its shop, shop, shop. It doesn't include lunch either, because there's only three days left before the big night and panic starts to set in. For a so called day off I was just thinking that all this was far too much stress and pressure to handle. Even more so when I started to receive a sulk on the face of Cinderella, also known on this particular trip as Grace. ----------------- Email address:sharon.richardson1[at] Author: Sharon Richardson


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