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Snowbooks Work Experience


This is our office. Students, here is your first interview question: approximately how many people can you fit in it? Answer: three, which is how many sit in it at the moment. We used to run a work experience programme, and it was good for us and good for the students - the only downside being they stole our oxygen. But we've come up with a plan! 

If you would like to be considered for Snowbooks Remote Experience Programme, email me with your CV and a covering letter. We get the help without having to play sardines; you get the experience on your CV, some handy skills and no travel expenses. Needless to say the work experience is unpaid and there are no delicious expenses to be had - but you'll be helping out with things like proofreading, marketing, sales, and editorial. We'll only take on one person at a time and will communicate via email and Skype. You'll need your own computer and broadband. 

Interested? Email me today!  


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