Snowbooks in Conversation (about Drugs) • 21 March 2006 • The SnowBlog

Snowbooks in Conversation (about Drugs)

          Lisa Carver, author of Drugs Are Nice, which is in all good bookshops any minute now, has just been interviewed over at 3:AM Magazine, whose five-year-anthology will also be published by Snowbooks in June. 

Lisa is interviewed by up-and-coming young novelist Noah Cicero (who also appears in the 3:AM anthology), on such topics as sex with authors, sex with midgets and how the 18 year old Lisa would feel if she was handed a copy of the book (hint: unsurprised).

Read the full interview here.

There was also a great review of Drugs... over at Dogmatika - check it out - and more to come soon. We'll keep you informed...

In other news... Kat Pomfret's wonderful Paradise Jazz, despite narrowly missing out on this round of Richard & Judy's Book Club, is nevertheless on sale at a special price of £3.99 over on their website, in the 'Ones To Watch' section: go grab yourself some summer reading.  

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