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Snowbooks hat trick!

Very good news here at SnowCentral: we have had three books longlisted for the World Book Day Spread the Word competition. They are Needle in the Blood, Lint and Adept. To celebrate this, I am going to give away 10 copies of each book so you can get reading and get voting! Needless to say, please vote. Vote vote vote. Their website - - isn't live until next week but once it is I will post about it. The organisers said that "We were very impressed with the quality and range of your books...your titles were easy to select." Yey! From their website: World Book Day is launching a new campaign Spread the Word: Books to Talk About to harness the power of recommendation, particularly among keen readers who already belong to reading groups or who have always wanted to. It will focus on books which have genuine word of mouth appeal and which would make excellent subjects for discussion, whether within a reading group or online. Publishers submissions will be whittled down to a long list of 100 titles to form a list detailed here from the beginning of November 2007 and in the media. Reading Groups and individuals will be invited to discuss, comment upon and vote for their favourite title. The incentive to get involved will be a weekly draw amongst voters to win 100 of National Book Tokens right through until World Book Day 2008. The top ten titles by 1st February will also form the focus of the Spread the Word: Books to Talk About reading groups to be held throughout bookshops and libraries on or around World Book Day. The authors featuring in the top ten will take part in some of these events, and will participate in online discussions. As well as existing reading groups and book clubs taking part in these events, bookshops and libraries will encourage people who have always meant to participate to take part in a taster book club. This will be a chance for some real face to face social networking, a chance for people to come out from behind their computer screens to celebrate World Book Day. Further on-line voting throughout February will result in the announcement of a winner The Book to Talk About 2008, and an award of 5000 to the author.


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