Snowbooks creates new category shocker • 21 May 2006 • The SnowBlog

Snowbooks creates new category shocker

          There's a good review  of Plotting for Beginners in the Times this weekend. The print edition had a colour photo of (most) of the cover, too. It reads

"It's not chick-lit, and it's not even hen-lit. This unpretentious and amusing novel belongs to a new category that could be called old-boiler-lit. Sally Howe is struggling with the menopause and trying to write a bestseller. She has lots of time, because her husband of donkey's years has gone to live in a log cabin in the Rockies. Is this the end of their marriage? Does Sally care? And how does she fend off the interest of various priapic neighbours? Think of The Diary of a Provincial Lady updated and transferred to the Peak District."

The sign of a good review is excellent usage of a phrase like "donkey's years".  


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