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Snowbooks Army

Right, troops, I need a hand. Any volunteers, enlist here! The submissions for Richard and Judy's Best Read 2008 have to be in in a couple of weeks. They invite publishers to include some marketing information about the titles we submit. What I'd really like is to include endorsements from SnowBlog readers saying how much they enjoyed the books I'm submitting. I'm allowed to submit six titles, published in 2007. It would be marvellous if you could write between 50 and 100 words or so (doesn't really matter) on any of our eligible books. If you could say why you think they should be selected by Richard and Judy - why their viewers would enjoy them - that would be ideal. They are:
  • Needle in the Blood
  • Taking the Plunge
  • Sob Story
  • Deep Hanging Out
  • The Red Men
  • Lint
  • Memphis Underground
  • City Cycling
  • Monster Island / Nation / Planet
  • Darkness Gathers / Twice / Smoke
  • The Fall
  • Book of Names
  • Going Postal
Since we can only enter six, not all these books will be submitted, but I'd really like to hear your views and thoughts on them. If we got a book onto Richard and Judy it would utterly transform the business and the author's career, so saying that I would appreciate your help doesn't come close to how grateful I'd be. Email thoughts, ideas and reviews to me by 5th September.


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