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Sliding Doors

à propos of nothing at all, I was mulling plot ideas the other day and wondered about this one for a TV series(s): the pilot sets up the various goings-on of a group of people culminating in a Sliding Doors event - that's to say some development that has a major impact on the future storyline, but we follow not only that narrative, but a parallel one in which the event didn't happen. The twist here is that from one pilot there are two TV series, shown on different nights of the week, starring roughly the same group of people - one for each parallel world. In one Danny is revealed to be Frank's murderer but in the other world Frank's widow seems to be getting romantically attached to him. Will she guess the truth? When Devon learns who the father of Michelle's baby is he leaves her, but in the parallel world his drinking is making him increasingly violent; how will he react when the secret finally comes out. Little Jimmy's dog Binky ran away in one world: will that affect ad revenue from pet food companies on Tuesday nights but not Thursdays?


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