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Shows for your iPod

Geoff and Nicki, majority and minority contributors to the excellent, and oft-linked, BLDGBLOG were in London recently. When we met up they heartily recommended that I listen to Radio Lab. I immediately liked it and mentioned it to Anna, Snowbooks' American secret weapon. She knew the show, had partied with the hosts and wasn't especially impressed that I was only just catching up. So maybe I'll tell you'all instead. America, for those of you unaware of this, has no Radio 4. Instead it has National Public Radio (NPR). NPR is good. NPR has shows like This American Life. It also has Radio Lab. Radio Lab deals with sciencey sounding topics, but its tone is more like a detective story and it's generally more interested in the philosophy and the people - and with blowing your mind - than with electrons or neurons. To start you off, why not download this spellbinding segment, part of a show on morality, to your iPod or similar. The second half of that segment is my favourite. The show's homepage is here, and if you look in the top right there are links to archives of old show. Deux Fois Encore. Fine Holiday Fun.


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