Shields Up • 17 September 2011 • The SnowBlog

Shields Up

If you click on that that thumbnail you should get the full-sized picture Ron Garan just took and posted to Google+. I suppose lots of people post snaps to Google+ (it's like Facebook, in case you don't know) but what's special about Ron is that he's in space right now. He's living on the International Space Station. And what's also cool is that's a picture of the Southern Lights. And what's finally and perhaps most cool is that (in case you don't know) the Auroras, Borealis and Australis, become visible when harmful radiation strikes the natural magnetic shield protecting our planet. In other words, you're watching Earth's force field activating to protect us. Not that your Facebook pictures of your cat aren't very nice too. (Source via BoingBoing).


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