Self-fulfilling lack of prophecy • 3 August 2008 • The SnowBlog

Self-fulfilling lack of prophecy

Really getting freaked out as I keep reading estimates of how we've only got seven or so years to re-structure our industries and lifestyles if we're to avoid really cataclysmic climate-related damage. We should be seeing huge changes to our economies underway and there's no sign of them. Just out of interest, are any of the readers of this blog doubtful about the threat of man-made climate change? I'm not planning to ridicule you; I'm just interested to know if anyone feels the case has not been made yet? And if so, would you say the main reason you're not convinced there's a man-made apocalypse in the offing is that if there were, surely everyone would be talking about it and the government would be acting? Update: I genuinely appreciate the comments so far. Can I ask for more info, though. It seems to me that almost every industry and government would much prefer to carry on as they do now, so I can't see there being much ulterior motive for a climate change scam. Whereas I acknowledge scientists are more likely to get a grant if they scare people. So is it mainly scientists chasing grant money that's caused so many of them to claim this thing is real? Why so many scientific studies saying man-made climate change is happening if it's not?


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