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Second wedding anniversary


I know, it's not publishing. But it is my second wedding anniversary tomorrow (Friday 25th May). There is a link, in a way: without Andy I wouldn't have Snowbooks because my pathetic salary wouldn't even cover the cat food. Or, at least, the cats would be thinner. Also this is a public service announcement: I am having the day off! Repeat, I am having the day off! That means no email, no blogging, no checking sales, no work at all. I am starting to get the cold turkey shakes just thinking about it. 

We got married at Polhawn Fort on the south coast, which is the picture here. It was the best day of my life - although I love being married so much, so I have had some pretty smashing days since. We shall spend the day going for a nice walk and a pleasant lunch somewhere, and maybe go to a nice pub in the afternoon. 

So happy weekend, everyone. Mine is going to be extra nice.  


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