Sea creature and chips • 6 April 2009 • The SnowBlog

Sea creature and chips


jellyfish salad

Oh bums. I recently wrote about how I don't eat meat but I do eat fishes. Partly that was for reasons of empathy (I don't really empathise with fish) and partly environmental. So I was bit disappointed to read an article in New Scientist about how the remaining stocks of edible fish in the oceans are plummeting. We've eaten nearly all of them. So we're shifting to littler fish and hence thinning them out too. My first thought was that this would leave the oceans half empty, but apparently it's more complicated than that. Fish eat jellyfish and squid. Without the fish, their slimy prey go into overdrive. And we're still going to need to eat, so... The New Scientist article does a lovely job of guiding one through the process of eating jellyfish instead of cod or squid instead of tuna. Yum.


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