Sarah Stovell on't radio • 13 February 2008 • The SnowBlog

Sarah Stovell on't radio

Once Rob's finished writing about Daleks, I'll get him to make this easier, him being Snowbooks' sound man and me dealing more with, well, whatever it is I deal with. (Rob's update: I've made it a bit easier). But if you go here , then click the 15min fast forward button till you get to 1.15, then the 5 min fast forward button until you get to about 1.20, then you'll hear a piece on first editions which Sarah masterfully turns round to talking about Mothernight. Phew. Rob's update: Just running out the door, so don't have time to check, but if this is a show that goes out daily, the Listen Again feature may already point to a different program. Sorry about this. I should have grabbed a copy and posted it (illegally) on the SnowBlog. I just didn't realise it would disappear so quickly.


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