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A year ago, I suppose this would have been one of my fringe political posts, but these days I seem to be well and truly in the majority with my 'unregulated capitalism is risky' outlook. Anyway, imagine you go into work on Monday morning, drive your car through reception and into your firm's data centre. Then you take a hammer to the company's servers before setting light to the building. After that you get a cab to the bank, empty out the firm's account, cramming your pockets with as much cash as you can before putting the rest in sacks that you drop into the nearest canal. Finally, you use your company credit card to buy a Bentley which you spray paint with your firm's logo before driving slowly through town with the window down asking if anyone can spare some change. Oh, and imagine that you don't lose your job for doing all that. Matt Taibbi, of Rolling Stone, tells a tale of the current financial crisis that reads much along those lines. (Be warned, the article uses robust language.)


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