Rodent Rage • 27 November 2008 • The SnowBlog

Rodent Rage


Long-time readers will know that I live in an old converted barn and some of the former residents, to wit mouses, still imagine that they are welcome to drop by. I've successfully deported three of them and instituted a crumb-less policy whereby nothing is left out for them to snack on, but the trouble is I get complacent. When there have been no mice around for a few months I might think nothing of leaving a plate on the counter to wash later or wipe down the surfaces in the morning rather than before going to bed. And somehow the mouses sense that and return. I had a really good chase of this current one the other night. It was very invigorating and I think we both enjoyed it, but I didn't catch him. Since then I've been extra careful to make sure that there's no sustenance available to him. Coming back from a few days in London, I see that he got desperate and tried to open a sealed container (click the picture for a larger version). Had he been able to chomp it open, he'd have had access to thirty times his own body weight in quinoa (whatever that is), but he had to make do with a few mouthfuls of rubber instead. Hopefully he'll get the hint. 


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