Rizwaan Sabir • 31 May 2008 • The SnowBlog

Rizwaan Sabir

           This crap really annoys me. This isn't supposed to happen in Britain. This is the sort of thing I criticise America for: arresting and arranging to deport a student for reading a terrorist manual... as part of his legitimate research into terrorism. Before we deport the students, could we please deport the investigators behind his arrest. They habitually associate with known criminals (as part of their job), they study banned materials (as part of their job), they're part of a para-military organisation that keeps secrets and conducts surveillance of innocent citizens, and unlike Rizwaan Sabir, they don't seem to share the values of the majority of Britons. Deport them without charge or appeal to whichever country their ancestors came from (even if that's France following the Norman Conquest or Italy from the Roman Occupation or Scandinavia from the days of the Vikings). Force them to live by their own idiotic fascist rules. It's not a crime to read, even if your name sounds Arabic. 


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