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Review our books

Snowblog reader Maggie B wrote in with a fine question. She wondered how to submit a review of a Snowbooks book to this website. A very fine question indeed, and one that, to my shame, I had never considered. It's the simple ideas that are the best. A morning of faffing around in movable type and on various techie forums and I'm not much closer to having a brainwave as to how I can set up such a thing. So I think I'll take the easy route and invite reviews of any of our books to be submitted via email. I'll then put them up on the blog and on the book's own page - if they're good, that is (I don't mean positive; I mean thoughtful, useful and well-written. You can pan the book, but you have to do it intelligently!) So come, one and all! Review our books! There are plenty to choose from in our catalogue.


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