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Just finished doing the year end accounts with our (awesome) accountants Vantis. We made 17k profit year ending March 2008. Buggered if I know where it is though. (Actually, it's on the balance sheet as retained earnings, but you know what I mean.) Our profit the year before was minus 84,000 so that's, you know, an improvement. Heh. Seriously, the minus 84000 came about because we had to put through a whacking great provision against returns of about 140,000. It also means that we have no tax to pay as the losses from last year carry over = good. I know these results are quite old now (end of March seems a long time ago) but it's good to know that we're holding up against the storms. And I'm quietly hoping that next year (this year, I suppose) will be even better. (Also, isn't it nice that I don't have to report these figures to a set of shareholders or City types. I doubt that saying 'buggered if I know where the profit is' to them would go down very well.)


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