Regrets • 3 December 2008 • The SnowBlog


I was pondering this morning whether there's been anything at Snowbooks that I regret. I can think of two things - a time when I paid 650 for a three week promotion but the printer delivered the title a week late, which meant we only got half the exposure we should have done (as it happens it did really well and rolled over into the next month, but I was so annoyed) and also a time when I was conned into buying Sage Intelligent Reporting for 600 which has been of precisely zero use, because it doesn't work and their helpdesk is too useless to fix it. But those are the only two instances I can think of. That's rather good. I like living a life free of regret. Of course, I regret plenty from previous jobs. But that's why I don't do them any more.


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