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Reader Review

Maggie, whose excellent idea it was in the first place to have reader reviews on this website, has sent in a lovely review of The Other Eden. She says it was one of the best books she's read - how marvellous! "I was very kindly sent this book for 'free' by Snowbooks, and as soon as it came through the post, I began reading it. I loved the cover of this book and knew I was in for a treat. It's the first time I have read a novel like this. I am a big fan of Historical fiction, but I have never read a novel that contained information on Classical music. I'm not really even a fan of Classical music and yet, I found myself completely taken in with this book. The author described the surroundings with a lot of detail and I was quickly taken in by the story, I felt as though I was there with them, and I was living Eleanor's life with her, going through each trial in trying to solve her Mothers past. In the chapters when Alexander and Eleanor played the Piano together and also at other times on their own, I was taken in by this and I was able to visualise the effect the music had on them, it seemed to reach out to me. This was one of my most favourite parts of the book. I'm now considering listening to some Classical music. See what this novel has done to me! ;) I could go on to describe lots more about this book, both Eve and Elizabeth play an important part in this novel, but to go on would only give the plot away and possibly ruin it for others. For me this book was a beautiful love story that I didn't want to end, but it was also sad, there wasn't a boring moment in it. If you like novels that contain history, hauntings, suspense and romance, then this book is for you. This is one of the best books I have read this year. I will definitely be reading more by this author."


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