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Quick parts

One small tool I use to improve my efficiency is Quick Parts in my mail program, Outlook. At the click of a button, pre-written and formatted text can be inserted into an email. It works great for the sorts of emails I have to send lots of. I thought you might be interested - and slightly horrified - to see some of the Quick Parts I use. Here's the text I send to agents who have submitted a manuscript that we reject: "Hello Many thanks indeed for thinking of us with this one. Im afraid it doesnt quite work for me, but sincere thanks for letting me read it and look forward to keeping in touch. All the best, Emma" And here's the rejection note I send out to authors: "Hi there Many thanks for the submission. Im afraid its not one for us, but very best of luck with your writing. All the very best, Emma" Here's the one I use most frequently: "Hi Team 2 please can you process the following gratis order? Many thanks, Emma" Here's a couple I use at least twice a day each: "Hi there Thanks for your enquiry. You don't need to query Snowbooks; just follow the instructions at www.snowbooks.com/submissions.html. Many thanks, Emma" "Thanks for the email. So sorry, but we have no plans to hire or run work experience programmes at any time in the next few years. Sincere thanks for the very kind words, though, and all the best of luck with things, Emma" Are you appalled at me for having such stock answers to people's heartfelt queries - especially authors and hopeful job applicants? Should I hand craft a tailored response to each, in your view? I'm not going to change how I work but it would be interesting to see if you're shocked at me or not.


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