Quarry • 6 October 2009 • The SnowBlog


We went blackberrying at Kirtlington quarry on my birthday. It was just about the most perfect way to spend an afternoon. Ro ate about 15, straight from the bush, and spilling nary a berry [proud emoticon]. The view from the top was amazing. Then we walked down the Oxford canal. If I had been in any way sensibly prepared for such an outing I'd now share photos with you of the berries, the canal in the sun, the impressive quarry hacked out of the Cotswold stone, the way Ro keeps his little finger cocked whilst delicately biting down on a berry. But I didn't take my camera, so all those photos are in my head. Sorry about that. Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! Borders also sent me a bunch of returns (on the Friday but I picked up the email on Saturday) but not the happy birthday kind, bless them. Coming soon: news on how our Xmas books are doing. Very nicely on the whole, is the summary.


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