Quantum Cello • 4 December 2008 • The SnowBlog

Quantum Cello

Blogs and podcasts. It's semi-familiar content but it arrives in new ways. For instance, I've mentioned Radio Lab before. It's a sciencey radio show, only a lot cooler than that sounds, and it's on National Public Radio (which is like America's Radio 4) from WNYC in New York. But of course I don't listen to it on the radio; I download it. The website is here. Or you could just click on the subscribe button for Radio Lab in the iTunes store and it would turn up on your computer thereafter. It would probably automagically ooze its way onto your iPod or iPhone too, but I wouldn't know as I don't have those gizmos. (The iTunes subscribe link is here.) So I was listening to one of Radio Lab's podcasts and I heard some very cool spacey cello music by someone called Zoe Keating. Her website is here. The full podcast is available from WNYC here. It's quite clear to me that the presenter, Jad, totally fancies her. Then I did something I probably shouldn't and snipped out one whole track from the podcast and put it here (link) for you to listen to. If you click on that, what you're listening to is one woman playing one cello, but recording loops as she goes and setting them to repeat so that she can play over them. It sounds good. So I'm hoping that the copyright police will let me off for putting that file up as I'm only passing on the music as a way to entice you to either buy Zoe Keating's albums (which you can download from here) or to listen to Radio Lab. Plus even without my help you're free to download the podcast that track came from (link). I like the music anyway, but I particularly like the fact that I can listen to it while writing. I'm always looking for music like that. Maybe you are too.


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