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Old Well-established friend John A-W notified me yesterday that Apple had released a sliver of a laptop calculated to make people like me say 'I want one' just before enquiring 'what is it exactly?'. But the 'what' is easy enough. It's a laptop where everything but the keyboard and screen have been made invisibly small and the whole thing has been worked over with Apple's Magic Aesthetifying Snake Oil until it gleams with techno-desirability. I remember a few year's back, friends of friends who were usually too cool to speak to me coming up asking, 'You know about this stuff; do I need an iPod?'. The fun for me was realising that they didn't know the function of the device in question, only how powerfully needful it was. So, aware that I don't have any spare money or need any more computers, I nipped over to Apple to see how much this new marvel (called the MacBook Air) costs. It appears that $1800 (the US price) has somehow become 1200 (the UK price). Strange that PayPal gave me $1.90 to the pound on something I bought this morning. Let the dollar fluctuate for a few weeks more and you could save 300 pounds buying a MacBook Air in the States. And the 300 would pay your airfare. Not that I'd advocate filling the upper atmosphere with more junk just so you can acquire more junk down here on Earth. But as long as it's cheaper to shop six thousand miles away than to buy it locally, it'll be a shiny, shiny temptation. 


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