Promethean Fire (or near equivalent) • 7 October 2008 • The SnowBlog

Promethean Fire (or near equivalent)

I can only assume that someone is getting their liver pecked out daily for this, because it seems clear to me that one of the secrets of the gods has been stolen so that mortals can share in its awesome power. Let me explain. I bought some spray-on label remover the other day and it worked. No, that's not a typo. It even works on labels where you've successfully peeled half of it off and then it shreds and you get a thin layer of paper in your hand leaving a base of glue and paper tufts still attached. It even works if you've scratched at that glue-and-tufts with your fingernails and whatever else is to hand until it's just a gummy disaster area. Spray this stuff on, then wait a minute, and peel the whole horrible mess away. It's so great I've made a little photo story about it. One of my cable boxes. Everything just as I want it except for the store label still attached to the box lid. LabelRemove1.jpg But maybe I'll be OK. If I peel it off reeealllly carefully it'll come off in one piece. After all, whoever sticks these things on there must expect customers to remove them, right? LabelRemove2.jpg Oh arses. I mean bother. But wait, what if I had a magic spray-on (highly toxic) mystery substance that would shift this sticky blighter. LabelRemove3.jpg Strange. The instructions say it's a highly flammable irritant that's dangerous to the environment and might explode if mishandled, yet it smells pleasantly of lemons. Let's don our Hazmat suits, apply liberally and let the poisonous lemony goodness get to work. LabelRemove4.jpg And now we're ready for what the French call the piece of resistance. LabelRemove5.jpg Gurn with amazement. The sticky, tufty patch of immovable gloop peels off in a highly satisfying craft-glue-off-fingertips way leaving... LabelRemove6.jpg ...a perfectly clean surface (covered in toxins (which I've now wiped off)). Buy it here. Or save your money and read about all my label-removing adventures here, on the SnowBlog.


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