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Whilst I'm on a 'recommends' roll, let me also tell you about Producteev, a cloud-based to-do list manager. I've been using it for my to-do list for a while, and it's really rather good. You can create separate workspaces, and do all the usual stuff: flag by priority, add a date, label, notes, . Best of all, it's collaborative, so I can invite people to share my space and allocate tasks to them. There's an iPhone app that actually syncs properly, too, which is a boon. Plus they have a good blog. Here's a good post. Right. Posting about that was a handy displacement activity. Back to putting things into moving boxes* and tinkering with php tags. * You know what I mean. Boxes to move house, not boxes that move. Picky. PS Have you voted for George yet?


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