Preposterously excellent Friday music • 17 August 2007 • The SnowBlog

Preposterously excellent Friday music

Courtesy of Rob who shared it with me encouraged me to buy my own copy, I am currently listening to the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack and it makes me want to go a-marauding. Bom, bom, bom. Cymbals! Violins going crazy. Yat ta tat tat. Here come the trumpets! Ahoy, me hearties! Oh, and the big chorus voices, as George Harrison called them. Rob, is there any way we can share a snippet with the snowblog readers? To get their bloods all fired up?
From Rob: Ahh, the irony of Em suggesting we flirt with music piracy because of pirate music. I barely dare to do this, knowing that media lawyers are like overcaffeinated t-rexs when it comes to copyright violations. But here's a snippet. It's only 25 seconds and if you in any way enjoy it, you should quickly buy the album from somewhere like here or here so that it's clear to everyone that this is an inducement to purchase and not a reason to throw Em and me in jail. (And probably you too, Anna.) I've already had to correct that unfortunate typing error Em made in the first line of this post.


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