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Post Xmas musings

The Barnes household had the best Christmas ever this year. It was a truly wonderful Christmas day and we've had a brilliant two weeks. But boy, am I glad to be back at work. It's lovely to lounge around all day, of course, for a bit. But I was starting to get a bit crazy by the end of the hols. And actually I was at my desk or in meetings for at least a few hours every day except Xmas day, so it's not like I was overdoing the r&r. But no email coming in, no new projects to get excited about, no-one at the end of the phone to discuss ongoing issues and projects with meant that it was rather quiet. This week, the email's started flowing, we're getting some great ideas in from authors and potential partners, the bank is open again so I can indulge my OCD need to phone them to check our cash flow, and I'm full of optimism about this year. It's all about opportunities - talking to and emailing people makes opportunity bubble up out of nowhere, and an absence of conversation means no opportunities present themselves. And before you say 'but you've got a little baby; doesn't he fill your day?' Well he sits, stands, plays, eats and sleeps on or near me all day regardless of whether I'm at my desk or on the sofa. And I'm finding that I can enjoy him as well as my work. I read him submissions out loud; he critiques the colours of my cover designs; we talk, laugh (and sometimes sing) all day long. Indeed, as I found towards the end of Christmas, to be happy I really need my job more than ever and I'm very lucky I can combine my two loves. (My one handed typing is coming along very well, too. This post is all my solo left hand's work and has only taken five minutes. What was that film where the baddie did excellent standing up, fast, one handed typing? Was it a James Bond? That's me, but without the urge to take over the world. Probably.) I think this work life balance thing is working out very well.


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