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Plotting and Scheming [updated] • 1 September 2008 • The SnowBlog

Plotting and Scheming [updated]


"Mrs Murdoch, yesss?"

I've been a bit wrapped up in other things lately and I haven't even been trying to entertain the baying horde of SnowBlog fans out there in InternetLand. Sorry about that. I've decided to see whether I can write screenplays and naturally, to ease myself in gently, I thought I'd create a TV series. Initially I broke my own rule and truncated the planning process before I knew exactly where everything was going because I wanted to get some scenes written and I thought I could learn more about my characters by letting them interact. I'm not unhappy with the results, but I realise I am unhappy not knowing what happens next. Especially in a screenplay, there's not room to have too many standalone scenes or character moments which don't also advance the overall story - which you can't do unless it's already mapped out. So I'm back to planning again and while it's not fun it feels a lot more comfortable. Like eating your vegetables before you tuck into the ice cream. Not instant gratification, but probably what you'd wish you'd done all along if you don't do it. Anyway, while that's taking up my time I might write fewer blog posts. Perhaps I can offset that with bribes. I've got a few duplicate DVDs in my collection and I thought I might rehome them. First, is a copy of the fabulous and strange Dark City. Let me know why I should send it to you and the best suggestion wins. Update: Well Paula got in early and with an offer out of proportion to the prize on offer. You can't argue with that. The excellent Dark City should be arriving on your doorstep just... about... now!


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