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Please ignore the Man behind the Curtain

          Boringly, we're currently undergoing a massive, yet - we hope and pray - almost imperceptible, reconfiguration of the website. While the difference to you, the reader, will be minor in the long run, there may be a few technical glitches - the odd missing image or broken link - in the short term. We apologise in advance and assure you that all will be back in order shortly.

*bllzzzzt* *creeeeeeeeek* *shblblblblk*

*ominous low rumbling noise*

Stand by for re-entry.

>>UPDATE: About three hours later... <<

Well, would you look at that. is now fully css'd up, almost fully XHTML compliant and generally pretty darn spiffing. If this means anything to you, God bless you, and if not, just move along, nothing to see here.

It had to happen really, and if you work on the internet in any way yourself and don't know why, then you should read this rather excellent article. Standards, gawd demmit, they stand for something.

That's it: we're going for beers now.

>> UPDATE: The next morning <<

Didn't we speak too soon. Apologies to anyone who came along overnight and got a few lines of bad text. All should be well now - do let us know if you have any problems.

>> UPDATE: We can't stop ourselves <<

Some more pretty boxes with ticks in them, to go with Emma's BIC accreditation from a few days back.

Valid CSS! Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict

That's right: is now actually XHTML compliant. Well, the front page is, but this will gradually bleed it's way across the site.

The SnowBlog is one of the oldest publishing blogs, started in 2003, and it's been through various content management systems over the years. A 2005 techno-blunder meant we lost the early years, but the archives you're reading now go all the way back to 2005.

Many of the older posts in our blog archive suffer from link rot. Apologies if you see missing links and images: let us know if you'd like us to find any in particular.

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