Plain English is our key value-added USP • 25 March 2008 • The SnowBlog

Plain English is our key value-added USP

Em pointed this out to me. She was trying to register a domain for one of our upcoming titles and it turns out it was already in use. Now I don't wish to be rude about the company concerned; they probably do a very competent job of... whatever it is they do. But Em and I come from a background of out-of-control corporate-speak and we both needed quite a lot of de-programming before we could talk normally again. Which is why we can be a bit hard on those still under the spell of shiny buzzwords. Again, apologies to the company concerned for choosing them as an example of opaque management happy-talk - they're hardly the only ones - but see what you make of their description of the service they offer: "All organizations want to increase community mindshare and their ability to gain financial support. Effective communication is the key to reaching these goals. [We provide] easy to use technology that extends and enriches organizational reach. Our solutions empower your organizations internal and external processes to engage and inform your target audience. We supply the means to develop and share information with collaborative work groups and workflow, effortless on-line publishing, and community engagement whether geographically or electronically based."


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