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Lady Ada

I've already sent this link to the one person I could think might get a kick from it, but still, I want to register my approval. And give you budding nerds a chance to feast your enquiring minds on something exotic but highly palatable. Lady Ada (who I've posted about) has produced a video with one of the guys from MAKE: Magazine (which I've posted about). It's about how the SIM card in your mobile phone works and how to make a device that will read it - and possibly clone it if the security isn't too up-to-date. Then Lady Ada takes a secondhand New York payphone, converts it work on Skype, demand a quarter before it will work, after which she modifies it so that it will work with the first generation of phone hacking tools which date back to the days when there were no hackers, only Phone Phreaks. The link is here. (Warning: I found the volume levels a bit erratic, with 'background' music sometimes drowning out the foreground, but that might just be me.)


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