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          dalek only.jpgFret not, my pretties. The dalek in the picture is only for purposes of scale. You're quite safe. 

I've finally tracked down a copy of Persuasion that suits me. See, here it is, with the Woolwich Ferry alongside to help you judge its size. To avoid confusion, you need to bear in mind that the ferry is further away. ferry.jpg Isn't it nice. But throw away the paper cover (by thoughtfully recycling it) and the result is even better. I've included a typical household Dalek in the background to give you a sense of perspective here. dalek.jpg This picture also enables you to see that the dalek in question is safely shackled (either that or it's the size of my thumb and has a keychain sticking out of its head). Gilt-edged pages, handsome printing, a non-wibblin, non-horrible cover. And all for £6.99. Bliss. (My only worry is that it's so cheap something nasty might be going on. Baby pandas working forty-hour shifts sewing bindings. Or something like that.)


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