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Paragraph and character styles

          Wow, I'm just the most interesting person on the whole internet, aren't I? First BIC codes, now formatting. Yaw-wn. Wait till I get on to enthusing about my new book that turned up today: A guide to Indesign and XML. Mmmm - knowledge... 

Something that I feel strongly about is using paragraph and character styles. I feel strongly about it because when other people don't use them it makes my life more difficult. Snowbooks authors (because every last one of you don't use styles, except Rob): fear not, I'm not cross at you. I never understood these things until I was forced, by dint of being a publisher, to learn about them. But if you did happen to learn how to use paragraph and character styles, it would be fabby. 

So I've done a short series of videos about styles. Here's the first one. It's a bit boring, so don't watch it whilst operating heavy machinery.  


//updated, once YouTube finally uploaded this whomping great big file// Just for you, Rachel! 



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