p-books, copyright and giving it away • 6 November 2007 • The SnowBlog

p-books, copyright and giving it away

Cory Doctorow* gives away, free of charge, electronic copies of the books he writes. They're also available to buy in conventional form (what he calls 'p-books', and I'm reasonably confident that he's being playful when he uses that term). He's packed full of ideas about what should and shouldn't be controlled, banned, encouraged or outlawed, particularly as it pertains to books and/or the internet. I think this here is the sort of article that's worth reading even if you disagree with his positions, because they're set forth in neatly compelling terms that provide a useful sense-check of your own beliefs. (You may want to skip the first question and answer.) *He's also one of the founders of Boing Boing, which incaseyadon'tknow is a website that acts as a 'dictionary of [the] wonderful things' that exist out there on the net.


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