Outlook Fail • 23 March 2009 • The SnowBlog

Outlook Fail

Erg. I have just found about 75 non-junk emails in my junk. I do apologise if you haven't heard from me. I have missed such things! Amongst them is this fine review of The Affinity Bridge and this excellent one of The Letters which contains a gentle ribbing, I think, about how we design covers. I must do a post on that (again) soon, the precis for which is: covers need to get a book past the retailer gatekeeper first and foremost, and then secondly need to send a quickly-decoded message to the shopper to tell them roughly what to expect. Whether the cover perfectly, exactly reflects the contents of the book is the third consideration on the list. Also: please don't query Snowbooks. Just follow the instructions on this website and send your script in. There are about 50 queries in my junk - I think they got there because they are all three or four pages long, using every trick in the book to try to get me to request the script. You don't have to use the tricks! We accept submissions! Nothing is more likely to put me off a book or author than your inability to follow simple instructions, I'm afraid. Please, no queries.


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