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Our allies

Ooh, here's a thing I'm going to regret saying. It seems to me that all countries do bad things, but when Israel does them, criticising them is denounced as anti-semitic. Well, I don't care who bombs civilians, I'm not in favour of it. I don't like it when Britain does it and I don't like it when Israel does it. If we'd taken Israel's approach to security, when the IRA let off a bomb in a London pub, we'd have flown a couple of helicopter gunships into Belfast and fired some missiles at a few blocks of flat we thought militant republicans might live in as a way of persuading the community to police their own. Fortunately, this sort of behaviour occasionally gets criticised by people who it's hard to accuse of anti-semiticism, i.e. Israelis. See the Guardian's story 'Terror without mercy' here.


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