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Oops, it's Saturday


Letting off steam

And I haven't posted for a few days. I have been busy, and also it's been gorgeous out there so I've done more than my usual amount of being outside, and also Rob isn't here which for some reason has affected my blogging rate. I think we have chats about things and get each other fired up which leads to a blog post, and that hasn't happened so much. But he's back from his exciting holidays tomorrow which is nice for me, maybe less nice for him. I did actually write three blog posts, but they are not to be published. Sometimes when something has annoyed me I blog about it, and then carefully make sure the post is set to 'unpublished'. It's excellently cathartic, stops me fuming and keeping such posts unpublished avoids me getting into trouble. I usually write a much more tempered version a few days later, so they are quite useful source material! I suppose in this respect a blog is less useful than a diary, which is secret and so there's no problem, but I can't be bothered to maintain a blog and a diary. To make up for my (published) blog silence, here are some nice photos to illustrate my week. Firstly, my girth @ week 19. week19.jpg Secondly, the view from my window by day and by night. week19a.jpg week19b.jpg Finally, a solution to the problem of cats wanting to sit on one's wrists. Place the keyboard *on* the cat. Look at that face - I am a horrible cat mother. week19d.jpg Early this morning I finished off a new paperback design for Sue's forthcoming novel Zuzu's Petals, after we decided that the previous cover wasn't putting the book in its box well enough (there's a good discussion at Vulpes on this very topic). zuzu pbk.jpg And this afternoon I have have have to finish laying out Bike Design (this will be my twentieth full day on this project. You better buy it, cycle punters.) Next week it's the BA conference Monday and Tuesday, and the Industry Nibbies on Tuesday night which will be a late one, so forgive me for even more silences in the first part of next week. But maybe Rob will have lots to say instead.


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