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So the tiredness situation hasn't improved as it was the IPG conference in Brighton at the weekend. I have lost the cabley thing that connects my camera to my pc so the glorious photos I took will have to wait until I can get to TCR* - but in the meantime I thought I'd share this. One of the most interesting sessions at the conference was the inimitable Chris Hamilton-Emery's presentation on ONIX and how it can make a publishing company great. Judging by some of the questions from the audience afterwards, there is still a lack of knowledge about what ONIX actually is - so this pdf wot Rob wrote, a beginners' guide to XML and ONIX, might prove useful. 

The other most brilliant bit was by the smashing Mark Thwaite of ReadySteadyBook and The Book Depository fame. Mark, we love and salute you. 

More about the conference when I've cleared the inbox. 1048 emails! Please, The Internet, I have more than sufficient V1ag~a for my needs, I promise. 

Oh, by the way, we didn't win the independent trade publisher of the year award, which was presented on Saturday night. Faber won it, and if you're going to be beaten by anyone, the publisher of TS Eliot, Seamus Heaney and winner of the overall publisher of the year at the Nibbies is a pretty good company to lose to! Jessica Kingsley won the overall prize which was a true win for all indie publishers everywhere. Her company is a great example of independent publishing done well, and a source of real inspiration to us. The awards did us, as an industry, proud.

*Tottenham Court Road, for all you non-geeks out there, home to everything wire-based and gadgety.  


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