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Here's a new website, full of the joys of ONIX. Get in touch if you are a publisher who is ONIX compliant but who is only using their data to upload to Nielsen. I will show you how Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again In A Good Way - or how you can have Wednesday afternoons off because you have to do so much less work, because ONIX can be used to update any and all marketing and website materials you care to shake a stick at. www.onixcentral.com (Also, guess what, guess what? Rob and I just saw Patrick Stewart* in Chipping Norton in a left hand drive racing green Jag with the top down, looking fabulously Captain-like. Do you think he might just whisper under his breath 'engage' when he starts up the engine? Oh, I hope so...) *Jean Luc Picard**, if you don't know. **Lordy, if you don't know that, you don't deserve to know***. ***Oh, OK. STTNG****! ****Star Trek: The Next Generation. George's link from his comment, below:


The SnowBlog is one of the oldest publishing blogs, started in 2003, and it's been through various content management systems over the years. A 2005 techno-blunder meant we lost the early years, but the archives you're reading now go all the way back to 2005.

Many of the older posts in our blog archive suffer from link rot. Apologies if you see missing links and images: let us know if you'd like us to find any in particular.

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